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Finding creative outlets

When we realised that Hidden Scotland offered the capacity to submit your own photo journal entries to their site, we were intrigued. The whole of lockdown we have been venturing out where possible and shooting photos of our adventures. Discovering things right on our doorstep in most cases.

It's staggering just how many walks and locations lay right under our noses this whole time! Some of them we were aware of yet made no real effort to go and see. Others were completely unknown to us until we had the time to slow down and take it all in.

As creative people, we are always looking for other outlets and ways to express ourselves. Sometimes in a very uncertain and stab-in-the-dark way. This was definitely one of those... Writing has always been something we tend to steer away from. I'm not a huge reader - never have been. I'm not saying I haven't ever picked up a book. I just wouldn't label myself as a 'reader'. Certainly not like other friends and family members that burn through whole books in a matter of hours.

That being said, I have a great deal of respect for those that possess the ability to write something that engages, informs and enthuses a reader. It's certainly something I'd personally love to develop more and work towards. This is partly the reason why I decided to write about a trip we made to a fascinating location recently.

It may be poorly written or lacking in gripping narrative but I enjoyed writing it all the same. Perhaps even just one person will discover it and find it interesting - who knows?.. The point is I gave it a go and it felt good to flex that under-developed creative muscle.

In the words of Chase Jarvis - "Creativity isn't a skill - it's a habit"

You can read the full thing and see the rest of the photos here:


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