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An exciting new project...

We have been fortunate enough to work with the Deeside Water company on a handful of occasions in the past. But we were delighted to be asked to collaborate on an exciting new project they were working on.

By incorporating their natural spring water and it's inherent unique characteristics into a beauty product, the Fuaraìn Skincare range was created.

Martin Simpson, the director of Deeside Water company is a keen advocate of working with local businesses which was incredibly fortunate for us. It afforded our small company the chance to offer our services on a world-class project with extraordinary potential.

Needless to say we jumped at the chance to work together again. And before we knew it we were in zoom consultations and discussing plans over the phone and via email.

The brief was clear - we needed to take a new and exciting beauty product (whose main ingredient is active water) and incorporate it into a series of photo shoots in both a studio and outdoor setting. Water was always going to play a key role in the work we created. Whether it was merely used as a supporting element to the photos (i.e. showing the product in or nearby water).

Or in a more creative context like some of our studio shots. In some of these we used a layer of water between our light source and the product to create ripple shadows and refracted light that would fall on the subject matter.

We had a superb time during these shoots. It wasn't just the product getting up close and personal with the water either... We found ourselves stood over bathtubs and up to our knees in the river Dee (bearing in mind the warm days of summer were long behind us at this stage...). But we were more than prepared to do what it took to get those shots. And to make them that little bit more unique, where possible.

In addition, we also captured and provided an extensive range of supporting imagery that met with the themes and moods the product was trying to convey. This happened to coincide perfectly with the time of the peak heather (another key ingredient of Fuaraìn) bloom here in Scotland.

This has been an absolutely fantastic project to be involved with so far. We couldn't be happier with the way the images have turned out. Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing them in context on the official website for Fuaraìn.

It has been incredibly refreshing to have something quite different from our usual day-to-day work to sink our teeth into. We can't wait to see where the next stages of this exciting journey will take us...


You can visit the Fuaraìn site and pick up some of their fabulous product here:


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