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Mar Lodge - "When all the stars align..."

S T E L L A R - if we were going to sum up Eilidh & Glen's wedding day, that's the only word for it.

In our 11+ years of shooting weddings at Mar Lodge, we've never had such gorgeous weather there. Let alone in the middle of September! There's a reason Autumn is our favourite season of all.

These two sweethearts are just unbelievably cute together. So much fun to be around and to photograph. We had such a blast working with them and an equally stellar cast of suppliers.

It was hard work tearing ourselves away from the celebrations by the end of the night. The urge to break out the moves on the dance floor was strong. Thankfully we were treated to the most stunning landscape on the drive home. So good in fact, we just HAD to stop and capture it.

Have a look for yourselves...

♥︎♡ Supplier Love ♡♥︎

// Mar Lodge Estate // Love Laura Lane // Hays Flowers // Platinum Makeup by Julia // White Balloon Films // White Doves // Glenshee Ski Centre - catering // Coilacriech Inn - refreshments // 3 Tiers

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