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Burn o' Vat - "A walk in the woods"

Timmie & Harry's recent engagement shoot was so much fun! We got some absolutely spectacular Autumnal sunshine as we walked through the woods to the Burn o' Vat. This is the reason we ADORE this time of year so much...

These guys were so lovely, and such a joy to photograph. Harry was embracing his moment in front of the camera which Timmie found hilarious. This sort of organic laughter is absolute gold to us, we want to try and capture the "real you" when we're shooting couples. Nothing is more genuine than a bit of nervous laughter with your Brest friend.

After a minute or so, both of them were perfectly comfortable in front of the lens, and enjoyed just being in each other's company. With backdrops like these and a cute couple talking and giggling together, it's going to make for some beautiful images.

But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself...

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