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Kincardine Castle - "Stronger than granite"

What an absolutely stunning day for a wedding...

Laura & I were up at Kincardine Castle for Christina & Peter's wedding on Saturday. We've had a number of weddings there now, and every single one has been absolutely ROASTING hot!

Saturday was true to form; there were a fair few rosy cheeks and foreheads by the time the dancing started...

One of the most spectacular features up there is the Laburnum walk in the walled garden 😍. All this lovely sunshine meant that the flowers were out in force making our job incredibly easy. Cascading yellow bokeh, everywhere!

Christina & Peter were such a wonderful couple. So easy-going and a great laugh. Their lovely dog Shyla stole the show (and a few canapés to be honest) though. We got some especially hilarious photobomb moments courtesy of the wee scamp...

Shout out to the other wonderful suppliers:

Country Flavours of Alford Hays Flowers Love Laura Lane Corra Rebecca Carr

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