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Raemoir House - "Party animals"

Sometimes you need to roll out Plan-B... The nasty turn in the weather on Saturday forced us to do just this.

Fortunately spirits were far from dampened at Magnus & Kirsty's wedding.

Raemoir House was absolutely JUMPING thanks to the infectiously enthusiastic "Brass Monkeys" raising the roof. It was a real struggle fighting the urge to join in with the dancing...

The evening entertainment was equally as impressive... Sneaky Treaclehad the dance floor packed and the fireworks & sparklers were an absolute hit with all the guests.

It just goes to show, even if the weather isn't quite the way you imagined. It doesn't matter... so long as you embrace it and just enjoy yourselves.

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs B!

Supplier shout-out:

Scott Cassie Documentary - videographer Hays Flowers Francine Ray Makeup Loud Noises (Brass Monkeys) Ivory Grace

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