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Aboyne river - "Fun for all the family"

The thought of a family photoshoot is enough to bring most people out in a cold sweat!.. The posing, the tortuous smiles, the coordination of family members, the forced fun... Thankfully our shoots are never like that! Instead we like to make everyone feel at ease. Relaxed, safe in the knowledge that they can just enjoy themselves. This was exactly the case for Nicola's family. There were a few individuals that were dreading the experience, seeing it as a necessary evil. However, I was happy to hear that they all absolutely loved the shoot.The resulting photographs were exactly what they were after and even certain family members were surprised at how relaxed ( and dare I say, fun!) it was. You see, as with many things in life. We build it up and up until the very idea scares us off. Having you photo taken needn't be that way. We love to engage with our clients and build a rapport. This allows us to work with calm, natural subjects rather than barking orders at people and expecting results.

If you're interested in 'taking the plunge' then please give us a shout. We'd love to hear from you...

Thanks to Nicola & her wonderful family for allowing us to share these images.

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