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Pittodrie House - "A perfect match"

Jenny & Nathan's Macdonald Pittodrie House wedding last week was great fun! Lots and lots of giggles and a very cute couple, absolutely made for each other.

Sand ceremonies certainly seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment. This was the third one for us in as many weddings.

A bonus speech form the maid of honour (Jenny's sister, Mary) offered a rare oportunity to witness a mortified bride. So on behalf of all the grooms that have experienced the same shaming over the years; let me be the first to say thanks for taking one for the team, Jen.

Supplier shout-outs: Dolce Vita Flowers Ltd and our oh-so-lovely friends at Deeside Classic Campers Ltd for their immaculate VW splitty 'Angus'.

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