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Crail Raceway - "Summer Stages"

We were asked to join Peter Stark again, this time focussing on a different type of motorsport. Rally!

Stark Motorsport is Peter's own company. One he devotes all his time and energy to drive forward. He's a pretty enthusiastic individual about all things motorsport. One of his recent career high points was being asked to run a few cars for an annual event at Crail raceway in Fife. He has done this many a time for smaller teams and privateers in the past, but this time was extra special.

Not only were the cars both performance Subaru Impreza rally cars. One of them was a ex- WRC (World Rally Championship) car belonging to none other than Richard Burns!

The raceway at Crail is pretty spectacular itself, an old abandoned World War 2 site that has been re-purposed for tarmac rally stages and general hooning around in fast cars. There are still lots of the old relics from the past haunting the site as you fly past at over 140mph.

After a couple of runs we noticed the WRC car had taken a bit of damage in a fight with a tire wall. These cars are unbelievably powerful. They are performance thoroughbreds and when they take a hit you can guarantee the repair bill will be costly...

Luckily it wasn't anything Peter and his team couldn't solve to get them back out on the track for a few more stages.

Unfortunately, in the end one of the cars had to retire due to a mechanical issue that was far too complex to repair by the trackside. But then again that's the nature of motorsport sometimes. Still, a fantastic experience to be part of Peter's team, documenting this great day for them. We look forward to getting much more of this sort of work again in the future.

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