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Boyndie Aerodrome - "Speed demon"

We were back up in Boyndie shooting images of Peter and his kart again recently. This time it was for a behind the scenes shoot of his recent video shoot though. And the weather was a LOT nicer for us...

As well as shooting behind the scenes we were involved with some of the creative aspects of framing shots, etc. A nice change of tack from just working quietly behind the camera.

A hot track and happy tires means an even happier Peter. He could go flat out and show us what the kart was really capable off. These things a ferociously fast! not your average stag-do / saturday karting experience here, that's for sure.

The premise of the shoot was to show Peter's times improve as he switched glasses to his new custom-made pair. The final shot was a full-speed drive by as he smashed the old pair.

And that's a wrap!

Here's the finished video they put together:

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