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Contemporary documentary-style wedding photography, lifestyle portraits and creative commerial imagery | Aboyne Photographics | United Kingdom

- Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured for our equipment, our services and everything inbetween.

- Who will be photographing my day?

Generally*, both of us photograph each wedding - meaning we can be in two places at one time! However we do offer single photographer packages for coverage of slightly smaller & more intimate weddings. Occasionally we ask some of our fellow photographers to assist us as second shooters when we are further afield or require a little extra help on the day. All of this would be discussed with you before hand however.

*Emergency coverage by an associate photographer is sometimes also necessary. Please read our full T&Cs for more details on this.

- WHat happens on the day?

A typical wedding day goes a little like this...

Laura and I split up to cover you both before the ceremony (getting ready shots / guests arriving, etc.) We team up again to shoot the ceremony and the rest of the day until the meal starts. Usually just one of us will return to cover the evening reception. This allows the guests that are a little more shy to feel confident stepping out onto the floor.

The photos of the two of you usually take no more than 30-40 minutes. We want to get you back to your wedding as much as possible, you dont want to miss the fizz and canapés!

- What will our images look like?

Hopefully you have selected us because you like the style of images we produce. Ideally your images will have a very natural look to them. Nothing too cheesy or staged because we don't go for that sort of thing. We will however, keep you looking fabulous with subtle suggestions with how to pose on the day (our engagement shoots are also great for helping with this). And we're sure to have a few laughs along the way which always makes for beautiful photos.

- How long have you been photographers

We started the business in August 2008, before that we were working on a freelance basis. And before that, we were keen amateur photographers. It has always been a passion for both of us.

- Are you self taught?

In short, no. We both studied photography at Aberdeen College. After achieving our HND grades we went on to work as freelance photographers. You learn a great deal, in a very short time, about photography, business and people when working for yourself.

We still strive to push our creativity further on a daily basis. To a certain extent we are always learning. Never trust a photographer that tells you he/she has nothing left to learn.

- Does being married not make it difficult working together?

Not at all, in fact it helps us a lot. We know each other very well and we trust one another complicitly. This allows us a great deal of freedom with our creativity. Rest assured, we won't be throwing any marital strops in the middle of your wedding ceremony, we're strictly professional.

- How many images will i recieve?

It depends how long we are there for on the day really. Typically you should expect 500+ images though.

- How will you edit my photographs?

We make minor corrections to the images where necessary but also include a black & white version of each photo. Sometime it's nice just to have a choice... In addition to this, we also give you a third edit of the key shots from throughout the day. We will select from a range of filters to chose something that best compliments your wedding theme or colour scheme.

- Can we meet you?

Absolutely! we'd love that. Our usual method is to arrange a time that suits for us to come to your home and show you sample images and albums. However we are always open to the idea of meeting somewhere for coffee instead, or a pint...

- How can i share my images?

Every wedding is uploaded to our client area for you to view and share your images. If you opt for full access to the gallery, you can download images as much as you like. There is also an option to password protect access to your gallery.
Your guests can also purchase images through the gallery. 

- Why are you called Aboyne Photographics?

We started the company in Aboyne back in 2008. Back then we never imagined moving out of the village however, things change. In 2015 we moved to Ballater. We did consider the idea of changing the company name but, to be honest, it seemed like a lot of hassle for such a small issue. So despite now being Ballater-based, we remain as Aboyne Photographics. We did start ourformative years in ABoyne so we will just chalk it up to "paying homage to our roots".

If there's anything we haven't covered here, just ask.

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